Clinical Hypnotherapy



$130~ 60 minutes

$165~ 90 minutes

 I recommend a 90-minute session for my first time sparkly new clients

to allow plenty of time to assess your needs and intentions.

If you're a new client and/or new to Hypnotherapy, please schedule a 

Complimentary Clarity Call  (or you can email me)

so we can connect before working together



What is Hypnotherapy?


  • Hypnotherapy is a gentle and powerful healing approach to working with the subconscious mind.


  • Hypnosis is focused attention. It is a gentle non-invasive process that guides you into an enhanced relaxed and natural state of mind, deepening the connection to one’s inner wisdom.


  • The trance state is completely safe and is similar to twilight sleep; that tranquil place between sleep and awake that we’ve experienced often while watching TV, enjoying nature, daydreaming, or lost in thought while driving.


  • In hypnosis, YOU are in total control. You cannot be guided to do anything (nor will you be asked to) that is against your will or moral code.

What is Hypno-Coaching?

Are you ready to explore your sub-conscious on a deeper, faster, and supersonic level? 


In the multiple session series,  Hypno-Coaching is simply using guided meditations (aka hypnosis) as our main tool, moving you forward quickly, albeit lovingly and gently. 


It allows us  to explore and discover the source quicker, bypassing your intellectual thinking-self, while anchoring in continuous changes. In other words, we go deep fast.

How Can Hypnosis Help?


  • Visualizations, guided imagery, and affirmations are so empowering. They create and anchor your desired goals. Let's dream up a beautiful life for you here! :)


  • It is a solid tool for feelings of overwhelm; anxiety, depression, that monkey-mind chatter. It can be incredibly effective in your healing journey.

  • We can look at this challenge holistically, all the parts of you, and utilize guided imagery and direct dialogue to access your deeper emotions, and addressing emotional & physical symptoms. 

More specifically, we can:

  • Reduce habitual worry and negative self talk

  • Improve confidence & focus

  • Practice simple meditation and breathing techniques

  • Learn how to emotionally support your own self when feeling alone

  • Move out of flight or fight into calm and peace

  • Release limiting beliefs, feelings of guilt or regret

  • Easily bring more joy into your daily life

  • Directly address and unlock fears and phobias to create new healthy habits​

  • Transforming emotional pain​

  • Tap into your intuition / body wisdom by speaking to the issue, emotion, &/or body part

  • Experience a Sacred Healing Journey, Inner Child Regression, Body Scan Journey, Guided Visualizations, meeting the Inner Critic, the Higher Self,  Create a Sacred Space (formerly known as “your happy place”)​, and more

(Clinical hypnotherapy is an advanced form of hypnotherapy used to treat a variety of challenges; emotional, physical, and psychological.)

Do you want to create more

calm in your life?


Step into your truth, Rediscover your gifts,

& Move your life forward

Sue Seely, CLC, CCHT
Holistic Life Coaching
Capitola CA

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