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Because you deserve to honor, empower, and heal yourself during this crazy struggle.


Coaching is a co-creative relationship between the coach and the client. This just means Me and You! We are both equals, working together to move you through gently, empowered, and with love.


I am not a psychotherapist (or legal consultant), however I do have a counseling style approach to coaching.

I Will


  • be your guide & catalyst.

  • support you step-by-step in setting and achieving your goals and intentions through home assignments and accountability.

  • occasionally send you inspirational quotes, resources, videos to help you on your journey

  •  teach custom self-empowerment tools

  • hold your hand, root you on, and teach you how to move forward on your own with grace.


I am here to remind you are always stronger than you think. 

I've been where you are  . And like a protective friend who has crushed this battle, I share my own personal and professional wisdom. Because I want you to Thrive. And I know you do too. 


It's been said it takes 21 days to create a new habit or form of thought, and 90 days to reset and anchor in the new healthy pattern. Imagine what we can accomplish together!

Going through a separation or divorce? 

"Start where you are, Use what you have, Do what you can."

~Arthur Ashe



Well, it depends! Each one's needs are unique.


Intuiting my clients' energy, feelings, and concerns enables me to choose the right tools to offer you for your custom session. 

A session begins by simply listening:  I hear you, validate you, and tend to pick up on what you're not saying, and sift and sort through what you are; intuiting  which methods/tools to use during our session.


Generally we begin with a little breathing and grounding to get clear and make the most of our time together. We may do some guided visualization, EFT-style tapping, or I'll teach you a Qi Gong move or two to increase or calm your energy. It all depends on your particular needs. Sometimes, we simply talk.


Whichever tools we use,  I create a space for you to feel safe,  then we go from there, creating your action steps in which the session ends with you ideally feeling heard and ready to move forward.

Where do we meet? We may be in my cozy home office, a quaint coffee shop, or outdoors, perhaps a bench by the beach. We can also tele-coach by phone/Skype/Zoom/Facetime. Just show up as you are, and I will meet you there.

What do I bring? You just need to bring your intention, desire, pen/paper, and some goals with you to each session. 

How Often Do We Meet?  I highly recommend committing to 3 sessions within 4-6 weeks. This allows us to connect, dive deep, experience newfound wisdom, and experience the possibility of lasting change. However, single sessions with one week of follow-up and accountability are a wonderful way to address a pressing situation, get a "tune-up", or try out coaching for your first time and see if we're a fit!

So let's create a new healthy routine for you, let go of what not longer serves, learn how to nurture your body and soul, and keep your energy (and daily life) balanced and aligned.

By the end of the first session you will have a powerful and transformational action plan you resonate with!


Complimentary Consult 

(just you and me chatting!)

  • Have  questions or concerns about what I can do for you?

  • By the end of the call, you will feel heard and validated

 So, let's set up a 20 minute call, & see how I can help


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