Divorce Care Coaching

Divorce Care Coaching

What is Divorce Care?

I coach women and men, through self-care, to Thrive while braving separation and divorce.


My healing practice is based on helping people find calm in the chaos. Due to the legal bits, paperwork, high emotions, and for those of you with children,  the chaos of divorce can be a whole different animal.

The ending of a significant relationship can take so many twists & turns. 

Are you:

  • overwhelmed by a new separation or in the throws of divorce?

  • ending a significant relationship, though never technically married?

  • in need of gentle structure while navigating the legalities and wide range of emotions?

I am here to remind you that you are stronger than you think.

 So here's the down & dirty

Separation and divorce can leave you feeling powerless and confused, questioning yourself, and quite fragile for so many reasons.

Whether you're contemplating reconciliation or moving forward to dissolve this relationship, the stress can wreak havoc physically, emotionally, and energetically.

And yet... there is beauty and grace in the struggle.

Work with me and let's get you out of the storm and into the light. 

Sue was my ROCK during my divorce. Her natural intuition guided me through the darkest of days with incredible insight, compassion & skill.

~Jenna Cooley, M.ED, PCC, Career & Leadership Coach. Fredericksburg, VA

My personal divorce survival tools

YOU can try right now:

  • Get real and honest with yourself by asking, "What do I WANT?" then, "What do I REALLY want?"  You are now starting a brand new life. Keep asking until you hit your core and truly exhale. The answer is there.

  • Who is your Person? When in fight/flight/freeze mode, I reached out to someone who loved me, snotty mess and all. Don't have one? Hire one! (I did this, too). She held my broken heart with tender strength. I will do this for you. I promise.

  • I got honest and real with my adult daughter; my only child. She became my rock, my mirror, and got honest with me right back. Who, of your trusted loved ones, can you let know that you're hurting? 

  • I brought a coffee mug with my kid's face on it to remind me that this outcome effects her life as well. Who do you need with you for inspiration and support?

  • Group texted my girlfriends before legal meetings. As I'd pretend to reach for lip balm or a file, I'd sneak a peek. "You got this! We love you, Sue!"

  • Upon waking, journal or state out loud 3 things you're grateful for (ie...my coffee pot, my dog, these socks)​.

  • Forgiveness of self opened the door to peace, healing, and forgiveness (or just letting go) of others and the accompanying drama. Including my Ex.

Do you want to create more

calm in your life?


Step into your truth, Rediscover your gifts,

& Move your life forward

Sue Seely, CLC, CCHT
Holistic Life Coaching
Capitola CA

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