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Certified Life Coach, Hypnotherapist, and Reiki Master.

Meet Sue Seely, CLC, CCHT











Create more calm in your life!

I believe in the power of self-healing. I also believe asking for support during this time is essential to our health and well-being.

You have the capacity to transform your thoughts, rediscover your strengths, and calm yourself down.

And you don't have to do this alone!

Through the pathway of Coaching, you will

-identify blocks

-shift limiting beliefs

-get clear on what you want

-and learn tools for calm during uncertainty.

Now is the time to untangle your life!


Step into each day with a clear intention, vision, and purpose.... and to do it with ease and joy.

Offering a vibrant infusion of tools to promote self-healing: Coaching, Visualization, Regression, NLP, Energy Healing Techniques, Qi Gong

Coaching is a process of discovery and unfolding... I help you stay accountable.

Are you struggling with a decision?

Are you on the verge of a "spiritual opening" and seeking guidance to get through it?

Are you questioning your purpose?

do you need to learn how to love yourself more?

Is This You?

You are open minded, curious, & on the verge of what could be called

a spiritual opening.

Maybe you can't quite see it, hear it, feel it; but it's there.


Perhaps you're struggling with a specific decision, behavior, or habit


something has to change.


And now you're ready.


Are you scared, hesitant, stuck?



Either way, I can help you get you from where you are to where you desire to be.


You only need to want to change.


Let's do this together....


You Will Learn How To:

  • bring yourself back to center

  • remember who you are and why you're here

  • create simple, beautiful, & healthy daily rituals

  • Change habit patterns that keep you stuck

  • Untangle a current challenge and make healthy decisions

  • Clear blocks to intuition

  • Improve resilience to stress


By the end of the first session:

You'll resonate with your new powerful and transformative action plan!



Sue Seely is one of the most inventive healers I've ever experienced.

There is no one like her: she is totally bright, wildly funny,

open-hearted, daring, and Filled With Light.

Carol Simone, Spiritual Catalyst, Palo Alto CA 

Let's Work Together

Life Coaching

MEH: Like the Dragonfly, you are now breaking illusions that no longer serve you, and are, instead,  connecting to a new vision and a more powerful, authentic YOU!

Sue's Holistic Healing Methods:

I offer a vibrant infusion of tools to promote self-healing:

Coaching, Guided Imagery, NLP, Reiki, Energy Work, Self-Care, Rituals,

Recreation Therapy, Tapping, Qi Gong, Essential Oils, & Journaling.

We will design a balanced, healing, focused and successful program just for you!

"Just do the next right thing, one thing at a time. That'll take you all the way home."  

~Glennon Doyle

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Current Locations
Capitola~by~the~Sea, CA
We can work together easily, no matter where you live!


Any questions or concerns? Simply contact me for an email chat and/or schedule a
20 minute Clarity Call consult
  •  In my cozy home office 1/2 mile from the beach
  • Or,  in a comfy spot within 10 miles of the Capitola community
  • By Phone, Zoom/Skype, or FaceTime


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Do you want to create more

calm in your life?


Step into your truth, Rediscover your gifts,

& Move your life forward

Sue Seely, CLC, CCHT
Holistic Life Coaching
Capitola CA

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