Fancypants Credentials



Therapeutic Recreation, B.S.

SJSU 1988

Mental health & Substance Abuse:

Veterans, Teens, Adults

Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist

& Medical Hypnotherapy 1995

Palo Alto School of Hypnotherapy, Josie Hadley instructor/founder

Reiki Master 1996/99

Terry Attwood/Paul Howe, Master Teachers

 (Lineage: Takata-Attwood-Howe & Seely)

Certified Life Coach 2012

 Coach Training Alliance

Certified Essential Oils Practitioner 2012 

Twin Lakes College of the Healing Arts.

Also trained with

COBHA: College of Botanical Healing Arts

Santa Cruz CA

Certified Master Retreat Coach 2018

Certified Retreat Leader 2013 

Helene Van Manen, Mountain Coaching

Certified Qi Gong Instructor 2013

 Lee Holden, Master, Santa Cruz Chi Center

(and how I survived the first year of divorce & illness; just showing up to Qi class)

Reiki Immersion 1995-2014

Founder & Healer-in-Chief

Reiki, Hypnotherapy, Life Coaching

San Jose & Aptos CA

Sue Seely, CLC, CCHT
Life Coaching, Hypnotherapy
 Stress Management

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