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In episode 10 we speak with Andrew Tuckman, self-proclaimed "personal growth warrior".  A recent survivor of Lyme disease and multiple co-infections, he shares his journey with healing Limbic System (a complex system of nerves and networks in the brain) trauma through the use of the Dynamic Neural Retrainiing System (also known as DNRS). He mentions how this can help many different kinds of mental/health challenges such as, depression, anxiety, chronic fatigue syndrome, insomnia, multiple chemical sensitivity etc.

In episode 9 we chat about happiness researcher, author & speaker, Shawn Achor.  In this sweet little podcast, you’ll learn a bunch of tips on how to create lasting positive change, the value of meaningful connections, gratitude, and, of course, Happiness! We travel allll the way to Capitola, CA (our hometown; woo what a trek!) overlooking the wharf, which was hosting the beginning of a beautiful sunset. (Plus it was Terri’s birthday!)

In episode 8, we are Creating Positive Momentum inspired by Abraham-Hicks, speaker, author and expert on the Law of Attraction. Hanging out in Terri’s car, drinking a cuppa Joe while we overlook the infamous Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk on a beautiful January day here on the coast. So, do you have a morning ritual that sets the stage for the rest of your day? Or do you wake up to negative thoughts? Did you know that it’s easier to start positive momentum than it is to stop when it’s negative? Join us on our ride today to learn a few tips and tricks we personally use to keep our vibration high, gratitude in check, and moving forward on the Road of Deserving.

In the first of Ride Along Coaching’s Interview Series, Terri & Sue meet Frank Horath from Aptos, CA; Financial Advisor, experienced outdoorsman, and Snowstorm Survivor.


Frank shares with us his Hero’s Journey after surviving an unexpected 2004 snowstorm in the California Sierra National Forest with his brother-in-law, nephew, and 16 year old son.  Wondering whether they would survive, Frank questioned what “being saved” really means, how the Serenity Prayer and the power of the 12 Steps moved him through, and the positive ways in which this experience transformed his life.


“It’s a story about people getting lost in relationships and coming back and healing…It wasn’t a scary, dark experience overall at all. It was a beautiful experience”.


Come have a listen, be inspired and learn some of Frank’s tools of survival, including prayer and yoga.

Are you fully present and aware of how your words and actions create your reality? Or are you "Asleep at the Wheel?" Terri & Sue take a look at intentional creation and how you can shift from "spectator" to "engaged creator" of your life. Come along for a ride  to Harley Farms Goat Dairy in charming Pescadero, CA  as they discuss setting clear intentions, self sabotage, feeling deserving, and manifestation. 

How do you hold yourself accountable when reaching your goals? Do you have an "Accountability Partner", or your own Life Coach, to help you prioritize your life? Terri & Sue visit the lovely Land of Medicine Buddha in Soquel, CA and discuss why it is essential to stay emotionally connected with and excited about your dreams and intentions. You will also learn some great accountability tips, including what to do if the mind is willing but the body won't follow, and.... you'll learn the antidote to future-tripping! 

Terri and Sue take on "Controlling the Universe"! When does micro-managing our lives cause stress (and when does it serve)? Are you able to embrace the unknown, let go of your perceived perceptions and allow your soul to Trust? Have a listen, laugh a little, and learn a great technique for calm and stress relief.

Terri & Sue discuss the difference between "Legitimate Fears" & "Faux Fears", tapping into intuition, and tips on how to calm the anxious mind.

Terri Schmidt interviews co-host, Holistic Self Care Coach Sue Seely, about her practice. Learn how she helps the chronically ill create a self care routine so they can adjust to their "new normal" and enjoy life again!
Sue interviews co-host, Intuitive Life Coach Terri Schmidt, and gets the lowdown on Intuitive Life Coaching, how she incorporates her intuitive skills, and gets her clients back on track!

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