Patience...Are You Listening To Your Body?

Give things a chance to flower and you will see everything around you bloom.

Sometimes we need recognize when to slow down, turn within, and nurture ourselves.

Those of us with chronic illness often feel like we're already going slow, which is frustrating when we want to be off the couch and out enjoying the world, our loved ones, our lives.

Whether you're pushing your body past its limit or laid up in bed, turn within, listen, and have patience.

Take some time to move into your heart, listen to your body, and ask yourself ,

"What can I do to move forward with joy today?"

~Binge watching Netflix?

~Write in your journal?

~Call a friend or stay off the phone entirely (because brain fog)?

~Work from home or get out of the house?

~Plant some nurturing seeds and gently allow them to bloom.

And remember to breathe....inhaling, exhaling and letting go.

Are you breathing with me now?

If you'd like to connect and learn about what I do for those living with chronic illness, email me to set up your Complimentary Clarity Call and let's chat!. I look forward to hearing from you.

Isn't it time to take that gentle step?

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