Let That Shit Go

I ended a long, and somewhat casual, relationship last week that was on its way out for months.

Sort of a slow awakening that it was becoming toxic. He wasn’t toxic, though our relationship to each other certainly was becoming so, and we both knew it.

It was a peaceful ending, yet this morning I woke up feeling angry, rejected, and unlovable. Woah, hello Divorce Trigger!

This snapped me right back to the (often) emotional manipulation I felt in my 26 year marriage. “Wow,” I thought, “hadn’t I cleared that crap already?” Apparently not! At least not entirely.

So I reached in my Divorce Care ToolBox and pulled out some of my gentle tools to move it through.

This morning it was a few minutes of EFT tapping (via my teacher, Amy B. Scher, author of How To Heal Yourself When No One Else Can), yoga, Qi Gong, and a super strong cuppa french roast.

It always amazes me how these emotions and memories can pop up, seemingly out of the blue. Then heartens and encourages me when they release just as quickly. This is what I want to teach YOU, my Divorce Warriors.

We are in a constant state of growth and change. And this shit can bubble up when we least expect it. However, we do have the skills and ability to heal our hearts.

And each time we are triggered, it becomes that much easier to move it through until it has completely dissipated; leaving you calm, breathing easy, and embracing the art of letting go.

Let me help you through this. I’ve been there, I know it ain’t no picnic. Take my hand (contact me!) and let’s do this, Brave One. I am here for you. 🙌🏻💜👊🏼

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