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  • Hypnotherapy 

Have you ever closed your eyes, in order to simply steady yourself, then taken in one deep breath and let it go, finding yourself just a little bit calmer?  This, believe it or not, is a hypnotic tool. 

Some days we may take 5 minutes for simple breathing techniques and affirmations to steady and ground. Or we may use the entire session to dive deeper by addressing stress, fears & confidence, meet with the inner child, go on a Sacred Journey, or calibrate the mind-body connection.


More on Clinical Hypnotherapy here. 

  • Reiki


what do you do when your friend is in crisis; tears, anxious, snotty and sad? You often will hold her hand, gently rub her back, or place your arm around her in a reassuring hug. These are some of my favorite Reiki positions to use during coaching when emotions run high. (with permission, of course). I find just a few moments like these, while I am consciously 'running' the Reiki energy, my clients experience comfort and calm. It's a lovely tool to use when in fight/flight/freeze mode and needing to  harmonize the emotional body. I may suggest a full 60 minute session, which we schedule ahead of time (and part of the 3 month series), to gain full benefit of this lovely healing energy. 


Please visit my Reiki page here.

  • Aromatherapy


You may experience aromatherapy during our in-person sessions by enjoying my blended potions in a room diffuser; orange, lemon, neroli, lavender, cedarwood, are a few of my assistants to calm and uplift my beautiful clients. By phone/internet, I'll suggest you create your own sacred space for our sessions, perhaps using your own diffuser or making a special spray. I can teach you a thing or two as well; how to blend, best oils for your situation, and create a spray. Essential oils can promote relaxation, clear your mind, and uplift your mood. Sounds good, right? 


Please visit my Aromatherapy page here 

and here's a recipe for a relaxing foot bath!


  • Qi Gong & Energy Medicine


Often described as a moving meditation, Qi Gong is the practice of slow graceful movements, coordinated body postures, deep breathing, and the cultivation of the life force energy. Much like Tai Chi and yoga, this gentle healing practice nourishes your mind along with your body. In our sessions, I enjoy teaching movements specific for grounding, mind clarity, physical energy, and connecting with the present moment and your natural state of balance. Feeling vulnerable before a legal meeting or a discussion with your Ex? I also integrate acupressure points, and the Energy Medicine techniques adapted by Donna Eden and Amy B. Scher, including promoting the flow of energy in the body's meridian system. A minute or two for deep measured breathing and, for instance, the Centering posture, you'll find yourself calm, steady and confident. I promise. 

For more information on Qi Gong, meet my Master, Lee Holden here. (Including his classes in Santa Cruz CA . You can join online from wherever you are!) 

  • Recreation Therapy


I have honestly incorporated all my RT skills every single day of my own life, as it is truly the base of Radical Self-Care. with your home assignments, I'll recommend creating your own self-care routine through internal discovery;

such as journaling prompts, vision boarding, gratitude practice, and reading juicy insightful books. 

Bottom line, we need to play, laugh, take a mental vacation from the craziness of divorce, and just BE. Let's get you back into the world living a loving, healthy, purpose-driven life. Let's breathe some vitality into your new normal. You deserve Joy. 

Please see What is Radical Self-Care here 


"We need to play, laugh, take a mental vacation from the craziness of divorce, and just BE. Let's get you back into the world living a loving, healthy, purpose-driven life."

We Speak Radical Self-Care Here! 


Consciously caring and nurturing your own self first,

whole-heartedly, well before others.

THAT is Radical Self-Care!

Getting rest, eating thoughtfully, quieting the mind, hanging with friends, & time alone are just as important as stocking your fridge, caring for your kids/parents, and earning a buck.

In fact.... it's replenishing and you deserve this!


It is not Self-ish,  it's Self-Care,  and it is essential in healing one's  body, mind, spirit, and soul.

Grief, Loss, Lonliness...


Whether or not you initiated this split, you are mourning. Grief and loss are all wrapped up in the middle of divorce like, as Liz Gilbert says,

"A Shit Sandwich".


It's a loss of a partner, plans, a dream. And so much more.


I lost my confidence, heart's desire, and wise-woman self. 

Feeling unloved, alone, and in so much physical and emotional pain, I could barely function.

You may or may not be experiencing an illness like I had, yet....

Isn't stress debilitating? 

Doesn't abrupt change stop you cold?

Don't you have those Forehead-to-the-Floor moments, letting loose with weepy snotty tears?


Doesn't sadness seep into your bones, pulling you to the couch with a cozy blanket, remote, Ben&Jerry's, and mind-numbing TV?

or is that just me?

Like Liz says..... Shit Sandwich.


So, I decided to practice what I preached. It wasn't easy, yet it did become easier.
Here's just a few of my self-soothers when in the midst of overwhelm :
middle of the night:
  • Turn on the light if you're really rattled. Get up. Fix a healthy low sugar snack or hot tea.
  • Reach out to night owl friends, or those in another time zone.

My Teachers & Mentors

Whose Work Inspires Me:

Brene Brown, Donna Eden, Amy B. Scher, Dr. Wayne Dyer, Glennon Doyle, Josie Hadley, Louise Hay, Lee Holden, Thich Nhat Hahn, Liz Gilbert, Melody Beattie, Abraham-Hicks, 


  • Contact your Coach! text me please
  • Drink Water. When in doubt, hydrate. Add a lemon
  • Hug your pet, partner, or yourself. Squeezing your body calms the nervous system.
  • Reach for an inspiring book or card deck. Pick one. Read it. Breathe.
  • Focused breathing
  • Massage you hands. Practice Energy Healing techniques like the thymus tap
Sue Seely, CLC, CCHT
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